Wednesday, September 7, 2011

HELLO EVERYONE!!! My apologies…………..I’ve been M.I.A for the last few days! I aint goin lie, I aint feel like messing wit this shit! LOL!!! I know I know that’s bad bizness but real talk I sometimes I just wanna come home, be with my family and CHILL! Plus sometimes I just aint got ish to say!!!  Pink Krush is just my own personal diary for any thoughts that pop into my head! It has no rhyme no reason!  Just me being me! If I aint got nothing to say I won’t force it………just letting it allllllll come off the DOME! LOL LOL LOL

Happy Birthday to Indy and Trissie!!! Another year older, another year wiser, another year BEAUTIFUL!!!! As my cubie would say BLACK DON'T CRACK!!!! Like FINE WINE we get better with time!!!!! MWAH I love you ladies!!!! Look what Indy's co-workers did to her desk (pix below)!!! lol lol lol that was just DIIIRTY!!! LOL They got you good girl! I was trying to help her come up with a good "come back" for her co-worker considering his birthday is right around the corner..........I told her to put aluminum foil on his computer, his mouse, the keyboard, picture frames, the stapler, EVERYTHING!!! Then wrap the whole desk in saran wrap! 

Awwwww, have u seen the pictures of Bey in her bikini rocking her baby bump while vacationing in Croatia?!?!? She looks super cute! I do have to admit tho her tummy DOES LOOK weird! It looks almost fake like it’s clay or something! But than again I don’t know how many months she is supposed to be and Ms. Thang was so in shape that she prolly aint goin start "showing" "showing" till the dang baby is ready to DROP!  That bigga baby bump has a lot of muscle to protrude thru!!! BIGGA WHAT?!?!? BIGGA WHO?!?! LMFAO 

Last Saturday I was in Ross (which by the way is one of my favorite stores!). I can spend hooooooooooooooooours in there just rummaging thru the store! I swear I’ve spent “shifts” with the employees collecting up a million lil trinkets from shoes to dresses to household stuff…..YOU NAME IT!!! I am a ROSS JUNKIE!!!!! I have to go in Ross at least once during the week! If I don’t go I feel like I’m going to miss something! That store is a DEFINATE hit or miss! If u see it U BETTER BUY IT…..cuz when u come back it’s guaranteed to be GONE!!!! Where else can you find name brand shoes for 14.99!?!?!?! Ross has me so spoiled that when I see a regular price shoe elsewhere my purse has a PANIC ATTACK!!!!! Needless to say…..........Ross leaves my pockets like RABBIT EARS (sad face)!!!! Anyway before I went into my Ross tangent……I was saying last Saturday when I was there I found this HOT PINK party dress I just had to have……it was marked down to 20.99!!! HOW THE HELL COULD I LEAVE THAT?!?!? But where in the world is my grown behind going in a PARTY DRESS????? THAN IT HIT ME………DING DING DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!! I can wear it for my birthday!!! So I jumped on my text and texted all my girlfriends that for my bday we are going to dinner somewhere pricey with our beaus to get all dolled up in formal wear!!! LOL LOL LOL I LOVE IT!! Then we’ll hit someone’s lounge and get toasted in VIP!!! YAAAAAAY sounds like much fun!!! Granted my birthday is 6 months away, I JUST NEEDED A REASON TO BUY IT!!!! And what’s better than a HOT PINK BARBIE DRESS that screams IT’S MY PARTY BITCHES!?!?!?!?! NOTHING!! HA so I bought it!!!! Now I’m on the hunt for a STELLAR pair of shoes, that will make a true “Shoe Slore”, cream on herself!!!! And these Christian Louboutins, $1375.00 (WTF?!?!? OUCH!) will make u do just that!!!! PUDDLES!!!!  #THOUSHALTWEARCUTESHOES…………ALWAYS!!!

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