Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First and foremost congratulations to my girl, “SUCH A F’N LADY”, she got engaged last night!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! (UMMP UMMP UMMP ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!!!!) LMFAO!! One by one we are slowly losing the original Helmet Hunters members!!!! LOL …….BUT it’s a beautiful thing! We had plenty and fun and COUNTLESS memories (CANCUN 2006………….OOOOOOO SHIT)!!! We def have some stories to tell!! I love you girl and I wish the two of you the VERY BEST!!! MWAH! EH, You know we gotta take a bitch out the game PROP’A (in my MC HAMMER voice)…………..GET READY!!!!!

So Monday night I typed a whole BOOK about the Basketball Wives and the Reunion show but my got’dayum lap top crashed out of NO WHERE and nothing was saved! So SHUT UP I KNOW IM LATE…… BUT I gotta go back to Monday night and the show!!! LMFAO off at Meeka! That bitch is soooooooooooooo TIRED! LOL she reminds me of a JOE ass bitch that wanna be down and will do any and everything to fit in! Matter of fact from here on out I’ma refer to her as Ms. I WANNA BE DOOOOOOOOOOOWN (in my Brandy voice), LOL! I mean c’mon you come in as the newbie…. you was supposed to sit back play part and feel everybody out…….eventually you’da meshed where u fit in. IF you even fit in at ALL!!! Instead, she go in running her mouth trying to be down wit errrrrybody running back telling sh*t and bla bla bla! First off who the hell would wanna be down wit Royce dusty ass???? LOL Boo that nigga paying u entirely TOO MUCH MONEY for u to be on NATIONAL TV looking like a FOOTDRAGGER! I mean money aint gotta change WHO U ARE (since she says she aint never been the one to be wearing Gucci and designer labels) but let’s just be REAL it should definitely keep ya ass out of DOTS AND RAINBOW!!! I mean dayum Ma! LOL Shop Macy’s... BeBe... BAKERS…WHOE! I mean they are hardly the TOPPA TOPPAS but they are an upgrade from that cheap mess she be wearing……..I mean if them places too much (too much as in she still consider that "DOING TOO MUCH") for her ….BOO do ROSS and TJ MAXX! DAYUM cuz round here looking like Body Central’s Top Model is just ridiculous! SMH……(Remember last season when she went to the Fashion Show in that Body Shop dress and them go go boots!!! FTFO (Fall the fuck out…..gotta keep up with my ancronyms)!! OMG NO and this season when she had them shorts on and them WHITE SOCKS pulled up to  her knees!!!!)  WOOOOOOOOOOOW! STR8 DOGHEAD STATUS!!!

LMFAO the producers should of made her sign a “Costume Disclosure” ………..”IF YOU WEAR SOME SHIT LIKE THAT AGAIN….YOU'RE BARRED FROM BEING FILMED FOR AT LEAST 2WEEKS!” LMAO!  Her clothes aint the only reason she is WACK tho…..its her whole dayum being!  Anywhooooooo back to Ms. I WANNA BE DOOOOOOOOOWN, she said and I quote, (LOL)“ I aint wit pop’n bitches in the head. Bitch I POP BOTTLES!!!!” LOL LOLLOLLOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROTF LOL LOL LOL (Mouth wide open)….I WAS LIKE DID THIS WHOE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?!?!? She sounded STUPID as HEYALL! LOL LOL STRAIGHT STUDIO GANGSTA!! She watch too many rap videos……………..WILL THE REAL BIRDMAN JR aka WEEZY F BABY, PLEASE STAND UP!?!?!?! LOL smh and Tami MERKED (MERCKED DEFINED:::: shot her down..killed her…SHAMED THE ISH OUT HER LOL LOL LOL)!! Maaaaaan, why Tami went in on her dude (Speedy) like that??? LOL Tami said BITCH U MADE HIM FAMOUS…..NO ONE EVEN KNEW WHO THE HEYALL DUDE WAS!!! LMFAO OKAY!!!! b/c I sholl aint know! “I GOT A RING, HE GOT A RING (Champion ship ring), we got matching rings (in my Meeka voice)……………….!” LOL BIAOTCH the nics on INJURED RESERVE GOT RINGS TOO! WHATS YA POINT?!?!?!?! LOL LOL LOL ##DEAD!! You so gotta love Tami! Her and Evelyn are my DEF favs! They are bout as REAL as it gets! ######SIDENOTE… it me or does Meeka look like one of those pigs from that Angry Birds game?!?!?  

Dude did anyone watch LaLa’s Full Court??? I think that’s goin be my NEW NEW!!! Her and Melo look like they have sooooooo much fun! AWWWWWW to be young, rich and in love (dreamy eyes)!!!! OMG and to see Kelly jus being REAL is refreshing! She seems like she is chill and cool as fug! Riding around on lil Melo’s fourwheeler…..jus being herself! MMMMMMMM, I wonder what Beyonce is like??? Don’t get me wrong I love Bey to DEATH (I have NOTHING bad to say about my girl), but she seems so Robotic… does she ever have down time where she becomes “HUMAN” again!?    LOL @ La La and Lil Melo when they showed the scene when he is acting out and La La said, “Can u turn these (the cameras) off for a min??” LOL LOL LOL La La went “momma” on his ass!!! LOL cameras went off and she was like, “NIC I WILL BEAT THE BLACK OFF YA ASS IN THIS BITCH…THINK IT’S A GAME! I’MA GIVE YA LIL ASS SOMETHING TO CRY FOR” LMFAO!!! Aint no secret Lil Melo got his ass tore the eff up when them cameras went off! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL too funny! And Poe …………………Where the hell did they find POE PO’ ASS?!?!?!?
LOL she look like Hector from that cartoon Heathcliff!  LMFAO……..she’s def their flunky! They keep her around to do all the shit they dare not do! LMBAO! They like “WE'RE RICH…MOFO KNOW US…..U RUN DOWN THE STREET NAKED!! U AINT GOT NOTHING TO LOOOOOOOOSE!” LOL pays to have a RE RE on ya team! They’re always great for a few laffs! LOL I tell u what……….next episode somebody better be done slapped her down and combed her dayum hair!

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  1. LOL! Lovin the blog already - you are too much! I was laughing all the way through - everything was true! Keep it up girly