Monday, August 29, 2011

Jay's Boys Can Swim..... An Addition to the Knowles-Carter Empire!!

YES I AM still on Bey and Mr. Carter expecting!!! They are my most FAVORITEST people! If u don’t like it…..GET OFF MY BLOG!!!! LMAO!! But seriously I am so fricking excited! I was standing on the couch last night when she preformed! She definitively STOLE the VMA’s last night! Nothing else mattered after that performance (@ least not to me!!!) LMFAO that’s all the WORLD was buzzing about…..who cares who came on or won an award after THAT! B KILT THAT SHIT! As she taunted the audience by telling them, “I want you to stand up on your feet. I want you to feel the love that's growing inside me."………………..THREW DOWN THE MIC and popped open her sparkly jacket and exposed her Belly Bump to the world!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Jay watched on CHEESING LIKE A PROUD POPPA, as Kanye dapped him up, (in my Jay Z voice) “YEA NIC, MY BOYS CAN SWIM….I DID THAT!!!!!!” LMFAO! I fricking LOVE IT!! U can’t get no higher than that! The two of them together is INSPIRATION…. the empire they share (and are still building) as two young African Americans is phenomenal! Jay Z is more than just a rapper….in fact at this point I’d say rapping is just a HOBBY for him now…..granted its where he started it’s HARDLY what pays his bills and keeps him rubbing shoulders with A(++) listers!  To be a nic from Marcy projects to the man he is now is TRULY only something one can DREAM about! I bet he pinches himself everyday! Lemme break it down for those of you who DO NOT understand who these two really are…..Just cuz your famous doesn’t make you an “A LISTER” U have to cross a certain threshold to be considered  (bending my “quotation fingers”) an “A LISTER”……..Puffy, Diddy (whomever the hell he is this year..LOL), is hardly considered an A lister he is more so in the B category….Weezy he’s an A lister (but in a different caliber…) but JAYZ and BEYONCE they are A+ listers……..they hang with Gwyneth and Chris, Brads and Angelinas…. B and Jay get invited to events at the WHITE HOUSE! B sang at the Inaugural Ball maaaaaaaaan!! And B…......well people can say what they want bout her but truth be told EVERYTHING THAT BITCH DO IS BAD!!!!! She is an ARTIST and real artist can’t be tamed inside a box!!! If you remain the same with the same sound, the same look, etc year after year HOW THE HELL CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF AN ARTIST?!?!? An Artist is defined as a person who CREATES!  And she continuously  invites you to tune your ears into a DIFFERENT kind of sound……..Some of her songs sound like AFRICAN MUSIC, COUNTRY MUSIC, ALTERNATIVE, I can go ON AND ON. You may not like them (the songs) when u first hear them……..…BUT ONCE THAT B GIVES U A VISUAL (a video or a performance…) YOU GOTTA LOVE THAT SHIT!!! Her style is ON POINT, da B is just B….A…D!!! She is FLY effortlessly!!! REAL TALK…… You can HATE all u want to and they have their fair share of haters but at the end of the day when u sit back and think about what the two of them have accomplished TOGETHER and as individuals………..You aint got no choice but to RESPECT THEY GANGSTA!!!!!! End of story……………. BUT I still can’t believe it! Congratulations 100x’s OVER!! Talk about being born with a “silver spoon” in your mouth!!!!!!!!!! TOODLES!

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