Monday, August 29, 2011

Single Again....Back on the Prowl.............

Shot out to my homegirl…….on her new found independence! After 14 years of marriage……she’s single again…back on the prowl (in my Trina voice….hips rolling to the music)!! When I asked her how it feels to be single after all those years, she replied, “It's like a refresher course of life. Now I can define who Toya is. For so long I've accommodated everyone else's feelings and expectations. For once I'm putting my needs and wants above all the rest!” I KNOW THAT’S RIGHT!!!! DO THE DAYUM THING GIRL!! Self should always come first! It’s impossible to make someone else happy if you are not happy! Once you’ve identified whats keeping you unhappy, u have to face it dead on…..DON'T RUN FROM IT…..Because it won’t go away. It follows you. You have to remove it and make that change! And once you’ve changed…… everything and everyone around you will change too! But it all starts with SELF!!!! After 14 years ma, consider that shit time PAID IN FULL!!!! I love u, Lady T….MWAH!!!!

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