Sunday, August 21, 2011

So Here It Issssssssssss!!

Time after time Ive heard over and over again, "OMG U HAVE GOT TO GET A BLOG!!!.....The way you (as in me...I'm still speaking as if I were someone else right now) tell a story or jus u being u in general is funny as heyall!" LOL, and I constantly try to explain that I aint telling jokes and in no way am I trying to be some kind of comedian.....THIS SHIT IS REAL!!! LOL just the random shit that pops in my head or some TRUE STORY shit of my everyday life.....LOL I'm just doing me!!!!!  Im just a 30yr old mother trying to get in where I fit in. It's funny because when I was a lil girl and my mother was in her 30's I could've swore she was old and ancient as FUCK! LOL, like aint no way this lady is hip to whats going on! LMFAO but now that I'mmmmmm 30, I'd like to think that I know whats what!! Shit Im flya than a mofo (pop'n my collar!!) LOL like I'm up on all the TV shows, da trendz, and what music is hot right now! I dont feel ANYTHING like what I THOUGHT my mother was like waaaaay back than! Shiiiiiiiiiiiid, momma prolly thought she was thorough than a soma'bitch too...prep'n to CAMEO...... and Im sure she was BUT in my juvenile eyes SHE ROAMED WIT DA DINOSAURS!!! LMAO and Im sure in Muffin's eyes (my daughter) I was galloping wit them mofos too!!! LMFAO....but real talk tho at 30 its like we too old for the dumb shit but too young to hang it the hell up!!!!!!!!! OMG Can I get an AMEN!? Like I have my moments where I wanna get all dolled up and hit the streets with my VAMP SQUAD (my girls) but than I realize..... ONE, by the time I get dressed and shit I live in wack ass JVILLE where the night life for GROWN PEOPLE does not exist! Who the hell wants to go out with these damn jitterbugs buzzing around like lil knats in your hair! grabbing on ya ass talking bout "PIST PIST EH MA WHAT CHA NAME IS???" lol not only that you see the same mofos over and over again!!!! Da saaaaaame mofos is in the club that was in the club when I went out on my first "Maternity Leave" back in 2005!!! WTF?!?!?!? I'd rather call up my girls, invite a few ppl over, fry some chicken wings, talk some shit and get fucked up for FREE right in my damn living room!!! Shiiiiiit, fuck wasting my fit (as in OUTFIT) in tired ass DUVAL!!! I'd rather save it for an out of town adventure!!!! LOL LOL LOL .....SO HERE IT IS YA'LL!!! WELCOME TO PINK KRUSH!!!!!!  Bare wit me nah....I know my blog "design" is a lil blah right now but with my creative mind and once I get the hang of this thang my shit goin be that FIYAH FIYAH!!!  TOODLES!

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